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5 ways salon spas & barbers can pivot during Covid-19

How Salons, Spas and Barber Industries Can Pivot During Social Distancing

There’s no such thing as arm’s length distance while caring for others. I’ve been there! All of us who enjoy working in close proximity to our client’s (who am I kidding, family) and then this COVID-19 pandemic hit us like a shock wave overnight. It’s hurting us both financially and mentally as well because we know our client’s need us as much as we need them. “Therapy is expensive, that’s why you get a (fill in the blank –  ________ – haircut, mani, pedi, facial, massage, etc). We are good listeners” by unknown.

Keep reading to learn the 5 ways to strategize, re-brand, and grow your services.

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We are doing everything we can to have some sort of peace in our home, keep our family fed, kids educated, business afloat, and our personal mental wellness + physical health in check while keeping our loved ones and other’s safe. That’s a lot to have on one person’s shoulders, I get it. I know you’re trying to find ways to pivot in your service-based business, let me throw out some ideas and maybe some hope.

Listen to your client’s needs and try to find ways to solve their problem. Give them a call or text them, I’m sure they would love to hear from you!

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Are You Staying Connected?

  • Not staying connected with your clients to know that you’re still thinking of them.
  • You aren’t trying to solve your client’s problems. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to cut my own hair or even color it – talk about an anxiety attack, just ask my hair stylist Chris. I don’t know how to get glowing-look or how to paint my nails without looking like my toddler son just painted them.
  • Your website is outdated or digital marketing is non-existent so you’re NOT reaching current or potential clients, 6 Ways to Grow Your Business During a Recession.

YOU create your life, and you can recreate it, too.
In times of economic downturn and uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to look deep inside yourself to fathom the sort of life you really want to lead and the talents and passions that can make that possible. ~ Ken Robinson

5 Ways to Strategize, Re-brand, and Grow Your Services

1. Business Strategy

    • Sell the products you use on your website.
      • Use an affiliate link so you’re still helping your client while earning a small commission.
      • Drop-shipping (click the link to find out how) is an option if you don’t want to deliver or they don’t want to pick it up.
      • The benefits and details about the products you’ve seen with your clients may create more leads and may help with search engine optimization (SEO).
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2. Re-Branding Your Services

    • Sell your products and accessories as a package or kit for a particular service you provide like hair coloring (custom for each client) will be included in it. You could either include the instructions in the kit or charge for a consultation to help them through the first time jitters.


    • Offer personalized consultations to your client’s or their family’s for a dare I say, DIY haircut (trim) with live instructions from their service provider
      • I can not tell you how helpful this is and it creates loyalty because your client knows you care. They will come back to you because they love the relationship.
      • By telling your client the hair color you use on them, it will be easy to follow the next hair color appointment. Brand loyalty…genius (much love to you Chris).

3. Grow Through YouTube

    • Show off your expertise in a tutorial format of how your favorite services have benefitted your clients (social proof). Or share the most common mistakes your client’s make with skin care, hair care, self-care in general, etc.
      • Request your viewers to ask questions or comment on your content to gain more insight into what your viewers are wanting to learn. This could possibly lead you to be an influencer.
      • Ask your viewers to share your tutorial.
    • This gives visitors an opportunity to get to know your personality and possibly create leads.
    • Also, you can tell your audience what products you are using with an aforementioned affiliate link.
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4. Growing Through Facebook or Instagram

    • You can also show off your expertise on a Facebook Live to increase viewer education, engagement and improve your Facebook views/algorithm.
      • Your audience will have the option to watch your FB or IG Live at a later time with the additional opportunity for more audience engagement, improving your algorithm again.

    • Start your own Facebook group with your clients and potential clients to keep everyone connected.
      • Take the pressure off yourself if a FB group sounds overwhelming by inviting other service providers that compliment your services/skills to the group to spread the workload and help each other with audience exposure.

5. Collaboration and Growth

    • For service providers that are still able to work, check to see if they can buy your services (or the kits) as a thank you gift for their clients or even for their employees so everyone benefits.

    • Share other service provider’s on your social media or “take-over” each other’s social media to gain more followers.

    • Create a referral fee for clients or other service providers that refer you or you refer to them.

    • Reach out to your friends, family, clients who may have a blog, podcast, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook business page, etc. to be a guest and show your authority in your industry.

    • Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 10th) is around the corner! Create a package from various service providers for us mom’s to have a day of self-care. Flowers are nice but products or services (teaching his/her significant other how to massage their loved one) are the gifts that keep on giving.
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