Logos + Branding

Logos + Branding

Ixchel's Creative Content logo created by Marisa Gonzales Studios
Soul Abundance IQ - Finding Fulfillment logo
Balanced Body Manual Therapy logo_MarisaGonzalesStudios
Christa M. Hines logo_MGS

Do you already have a logo? I’ll work with your existing brand!

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mombrite logo_MGS
Project Confetti Kids logo_MGS

Do you already have a logo? I’ll work with your existing brand to create a brand identity!

Client Love

Marisa was amazing to work with for designing my logo. After listening to my vision for my brand, she incorporated my ideas into the logo design perfectly. She went above and beyond and provided me with different options when it comes to font and colors. I am extremely happy with the final logo and she provided me with all the necessary files so that I can use them for my business. I highly recommend using Marisa for your design needs!
Loza Earthenware Logo - MGS
Veseo Logo_MGS

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Custom Brand Design + Identity

Custom Brand Design + Identity

Ixchel Alcantara

Ixchel's Creative Content - Brand Presentation by Marisa Gonzales Studios

Client: Ixchel Alcantara of Ixchel’s Creative Content is a gifted social media marketer + a copywriter. Her passion is to educate, build trust, and help people come to their own conclusions to benefit their business is her mission.

Solution: Strategic branding was inspired by her but more so by market research and the type of clients she is attracting, coaches. Timeless, custom designs, font selection, and color combinations (not pictured) make Ixchel’s brand unique and distinguished just like her for years to come.

Services: Strategic brand design, identity creation, submark designs, and social media assets

Client Love

Working with Marisa Gonzales has been one of the best things I’ve done for my business. She really takes the time to listen and understand my brand, my vision, and what’s important to me, and she brought it to life in a way that exceeded my expectations! Marisa was able to cut through the fluff and things I didn’t need, to create a clear and concise site to help me reach more of my ideal clients. She not only delivered on everything I wanted, she went above and beyond, and even took time to learn extra tech platforms for my online courses. I would still be in research mode without anything done if it wasn’t for Marisa. I’m so glad that I have her as my go to expert that I can trust to help me build my brand for the life of my business.

Sarrah Chapman

Soul Abundance IQ branding board
Finding Fulfillment branding board

Client: Sarrah Chapman of SoulAbundanceIQ is a local KC intuitive business coach that highlights blocks to open your personal and business journey.

Solution: Sarrah’s logo was already created by another designer so I helped guide her with brand identity creation to create brand cohesiveness. However, I did design her Finding Fulfillment logo (inspired by her original logo) for her course using the same brand identity.

Sarrah’s brand identity was inspired by her because she such a beautiful, warm, and light spirit about her and that’s why people gravitate toward her. They want sincerity, understanding, and guidance. Also, the branding colors represent a journey from darkness to clarity (light) as well as a reflection of the Native American culture. 

Services: WordPress Website design, brand identity creation, branded photo curation and editing as well as Loom video training; SSL and SEO setup. AccessAlly website setup, course creation + more – check it out!

Client Love

It can be hard to explain to a designer what you want when you aren’t really sure how the final product should look. Marisa knew how to ask the right questions. Plus, she provided helpful advice and drilled down to a design that illustrates the vision I had in my head—all in a timely manner. I’m impressed and incredibly pleased with the professional work she did! I look forward to working with Marisa again on future projects. She is a good communicator who follows through with what she says she is going to do. I appreciate her dedication to her craft and her patience whenever I had questions.

Christa M. Hines

Christa M Hines Brand Guide_MGS

Client: Christa is a freelance journalist, author, and copywriter for the health and wellness as well as the parenting community.

Client Needs: Full re-branding (logo, brand identity, font pairings, images to get a “feel” of her brand, and color palette to create brand cohesion); and website re-design.

Solution: After taking some to get to know Christa and her brand vision of hummingbird symbolism reflecting her own or others voices in her writing, a logo + branding identity of bright and earthy tones that resonated with her target audience was created. Check out her custom WordPress website.

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Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Mishawnda Mintz

WhatUpHomee Branding Identity Board

Client: Mishawnda Mintz of WhatupHomee, a homeschool educator who offers resources for people of color.

Client Needs: Her logo had already been created by another designer so she needed help with brand identity.

Solution: After getting to know Mishawnda and learning about her audience, we collaborated on how she wanted to communicate through color psychology, patterns, and fonts that represent a studious yet fun vibe.

Client Love

Marisa's process makes you really think about your brand identity and what you want to communicate. I also like that it was a collaborative project. She helps bring your ideas to life. Communication is very important to me and Marisa is a great communicator. She asks questions, she's very open with her thoughts, and she listens.

Charissa S.

Little Loopy Lou Brand Identity Board

Client: Charissa S. is an elementary teacher and small business owner of Little Loopy Lou – handmade bows, booties, bonnets, and more!

Client Needs: Charissa needed a brand identity for her logo (from another designer) and small business to create a cohesive brand for her current and potential customers on Etsy.

Solution: After getting to know her and researching her audience, using a soft color palette and playful fonts represented her brand that targeted women with children in mind. Check out her custom Pinterest templates.

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