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Why your website can increase business growth?

Why your website can increase business growth?

It’s because it tells your story and builds an online presence for your brand.

Together with the right content, graphics, and colors, your website is expressing the essence of who you are.

This attracts your ideal audience and holds their attention to understand how you can help them and why they should pick you.

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What do your colors say about you?​

The right combination of market research and understanding your ideal client will help you figure out what brand colors to use to attract them. If you have the wrong colors, it can attract the wrong clientele.

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5 ways salon spas & barbers can pivot during COVID-19

There’s no such thing as arm’s length distance while caring for others. I’ve been there! All of us who enjoy working in close proximity to our client’s (who am I kidding, family) and then this COVID-19 pandemic hit us like a shock wave overnight.

We are doing everything we can to have some sort of peace in our home, keep our family fed, kids educated, business afloat, and our personal mental wellness + physical health in check while keeping our loved ones and other’s safe. That’s a lot to have on one person’s shoulders, I get it. I know you’re trying to find ways to pivot in your service-based business, let me throw out some ideas and maybe some hope.

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