It Takes a Village to Launch Your Successful Coaching Website

Launching a website for your online coaching business takes a village.

For as strong as you may be, launching a new website and holding space for your clients can drain you.

I get it. It’s so easy to be like Luisa in Encanto…because you are strong, magical, and always holding space for your clients.

But, sometimes it’s ok to be the wiser Luisa…the one who opened herself to the help of her village to get her magic back.

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It Takes a Village of Experts

The people in your village will depend on the size of your coaching business. By that I mean…

If you have an OBM (Online Business Manager) or Project Manager on your team – you will have the help of an extra person. They will focus more on managing the launch of your website and the village that is helping you. 

Now…about the village of experts.

Your village will have four key experts.

  1. The Copywriter
  2. Brand Strategist
  3. Content Strategist
  4. Web Designer
  5. And their work will shine brighter with these two optional experts:
    • Your Photographer
    • SEO Writer

So, including you – your village of experts will range from five to eight people. They will help your inner Luisa feel safe and empowered about launching your site – without having to sacrifice your clients, sales, and visionary work.

It Takes Special Tools

Now that you know the experts in your village – let’s talk about the tools. The special tools that build a bridge connecting you and your ideal clients with your website.

Your first set of tools is content and copy that’s on-brand. Your Copywriter, Content Strategist, and SEO Writer will take these tools and create a unique blueprint or essence for your bridge.

At this phase, your value proposition, voice, and values will come into play. These will be the inspiration for your blueprint.

Your next set of tools will set the mood for your website through color, imagery, and texture. Your Brand Strategist and Photographers will come into play here. And the atmosphere they create will depend on your brand’s voice, values, services, and ideal client.

The last tool you will need is your website itself. Your Website Designer will take your blueprint, colors, imagery, and texture to build the bridge that draws your ideal client into your world. So you can connect with the right clients who need your coaching skills.

Your village of experts and special tools will build a website that immediately lets your ideal clients know why you’re their person. The coach they need for the transformation they see.

It Takes Time

With so many experts, villagers who are doing their part to help you launch your website – you might be wondering…

How long is this project going to take? And when should I start looking to hire my experts?

Here is what I recommend to my clients —

  • Six to four weeks before meeting with me
    • Hire a brand strategist, copywriter, and photographer (if you need new branded pics). This will give you wiggle room so your branding, copy, and branded photos are ready when we meet.
  • Two weeks before meeting with me
    • Meet with and hire a content strategist or SEO writer (your copywriter might offer these services too). This will save you so much time and stress.
      • Even if you only get a content strategy (without written blogs) – knowing what to post and when is priceless. Plus, you’ll rest assured that what you are blogging about will connect with and attract your ideal client.
  • One week before starting to work with me (and after we have agreed to work together)
    • Once you’ve agreed to work with me (or a website designer of choice) provide access to your:
      • Brand board (brand colors & fonts)
      • Photos to be used
      • Copy for pages
      • Domain name to use (already purchased preferably)
      • WordPress (.org) account – self-hosted version
      • Links to include on your site
      • Depending on who you work with – there might be a pre-questionnaire to be filled out and a strategy call. Both are part of my process when working on the launch of your website.

It Take Leaning on Your Village of Experts

So now that you know it takes a village of experts, specialized tools, and between two to three months to launch a site from beginning to end…

Will you still go at it alone?

I sure hope that you won’t. I hope you will lean on your village of experts. So you can continue to hold space for your clients.

Because at the end of the day – it’s about them. And if you are occupied playing so many roles – you will lose your magic. Much like Luisa did after taking it all upon herself.

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