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Custom Book Cover Design » Wanda Booth

Client: Wanda is a Coach, Speaker and Author of Insight 20/2o: Applying Lessons to Advance in Life and Career. She shares essential insights she received from commanding in combat, leading complex logistics operations, and transitioning out of the military into business ownership.

Client Needs: Wanda and I met over lunch to get to know each other – she is such an amazing soul! Her branding was established and she had just completed a stylized photoshoot for her first upcoming published book – a series, stay tuned! She needed her book cover and photos to represent her brand.

Solution: I edited some of her stylized photos and various backgrounds in Photoshop to create an elegant book cover design.

Writing Package Designs » Christa M. Hines

Christa M Hines Writing Packages _ PDF Downloadable_MGS

Client: Christa is a freelance journalist, author and copywriter for the health and wellness as well as the parenting community.

Client Needs: Christa needed fully re-branded marketing materials and website with a cohesive brand vision for her potential clients.

Solution: After I helped Christa with her re-branding, I designed a downloadable PDF of her writing packages as well as a version to be displayed on her website. We decided to not add prices to allow flexibility in price changes.

Brand Identity Design » Corporate Manual

VanAnderson Corporate Identity Layout_MGS

Client: VanAnderson, Inc.

Client Needs: Brand identity are guidelines that explains how a brand should be used internally and externally on print and digital media to protect the brand’s image.

Solution: I created a manual with guidelines of specific Pantone (print) and digital colors as well as the background color(s) and images to be used with VanAnderson branding.

Event Marketing Collateral Design » Postcard and Poster

Motion Postcard & Poster Collateral_MGS

Client: Motion® brand is fictional and was created to highlight and celebrate various cultures and dances throughout the USA – Native American Hoop Dance, Kabuki Dance and Salsa Dancing.

Client Needs: A postcard and poster were created to advertise a fictitious event to celebrate various cultures – dances, foods, etc; all the beauty of each culture.

Solution: I researched each culture and attended various festivals to photograph talented and passionate dancers. I retouched the photos displayed, designed the full branding, and all marketing (print) collateral.

Packaging Design » Soup Label

Zizania Soup Labels - Regular & Lite_MGS

Client: Zizania® food (soup) brand is fictional.

Client Needs: Logo, full branding and package design layout to represent a simple yet elegant product

Solution: Market research to a create package design that is identifiable (Classic and Lite) and separates the brand from its competitors.

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