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6 ways to grow your business during a recession

Your Doors are Closed, What Now?

6 Steps to Grow Your Business Amid a Possible Recession

Everyone is assessing their personal finances, business plans (debts, projections, marketing), insurance, etc. If you are a small business that performed your business in-person and let your marketing fall behind because you didn’t have time, that’s no longer an excuse. Take advantage of this time when your doors are closed to get ahead for when your doors re-open. This is your time to analyze and pivot in this current digital marketing age of social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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If you’re considering eliminating your marketing, DON’T DO IT!
You will be making a grave mistake.

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You’re losing money if:

  1. Your website is non-existent or outdated. Your website probably lacks Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and isn’t being “crawled” by search engines like Google. This means you are NOT showing up in search results.
  2. Your website doesn’t provide a good user experience such as broken links or poor navigation. This poor experience means you aren’t converting your clients. This is even critical on mobile since everyone has their phones. Check out my Website and Branding Design Packages.

I Understand the Stress

This isn’t my first time going through a recession but that doesn’t mean that I’m any less anxious. Especially since this is all due to a virus. When the 2008 recession hit. it disrupted so many lives including mine. I was let go from my position at an advertising agency in Kansas City, MO. I was so stressed due to the lack of jobs and having to pay my multiple debts (student loans, etc) that I ended up developing shingles on my back, in my ’20s. I made it through with hard yet amazing lessons (a post for another time) that caused me to pivot, My Story.

We will get through this because of our faith, our resilience as humans, and our resolve as a society because we are #allinthistogether.

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TOP 6 Small Business Marketing Assets

1. Website

    • Have a website that has good navigation (Contact, Cart, Products/Services, etc.) This website should reflect who you are, your current services or products to attract your future clients. An attractive, easy to use website is so important for sales conversions. It’s how your customers know you’re serious.
    • Website security is VERY important. Use a secure sockets layer (SSL) to protect your clients. A lack of an SSL can negatively affect your Google rating.

    • Platforms: I recommend #1 WordPress, #2 SquareSpace, or #3 Shopify for the flexibility and SEO benefits – no affiliate links just my personal experience/opinion. 

I had the pleasure of creating full branding and a website re-design for an amazing health+wellness writer, Christa M. Hines

2. Blog

    • Writing doesn’t come naturally to me, so I’m taking my own advice. Try blogging once a week on a topic that is relevant to you and your brand. This will highlight your authority in your industry and allow people to trust you. It also has the added benefit of improving your website’s visibility online because regular updates improve your SEO ratings.
    • This gives visitors an opportunity to learn about you and possibly create leads so don’t forget to add a call-to-action (Book Now) on your posts to subscribe to your blog. They will receive emails to keep you top of mind once they are ready to use your services or products.
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Check out my other blog posts, Design Circle for Brand Authority

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3. Google My Business - FREE

    • A profile listing tool like Google My Business easily connects you with customers throughout the Google atmosphere. A great start with local SEO.
    • The only caveat is if you’re an online-only business (i.e. working from home) then inputting your physical address can be risky. Although, the local address helps with locals trying to find “local business.”
    • List your products and/or services to increase your chances of showing up in keyword searches and maps.

4. Email Marketing

    • To be honest, I just started this so please SIGN-UP TODAY (and share) to get relevant emails about brand identity + web design tips that will help your small business. Anyway, the fact remains that according to SupplyGem, adding video into your emails (or your other platforms) may entice more people to consume your content and create that trust because people will know you’re a real person and not just a “brand.”
Email Marketing for Small Business
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Depending on your client’s avatar, specific platforms may or may not be appropriate for your audience.

5. Social Media

    • Use social media to connect with your friends and family. Also, leverage the free and powerful business tools to stay on the minds of your audience, increase traffic, possibly improve search engine rankings, and help you and your clients get to know each other.
      • TIP: Create a content calendar to help with idea generation and to create a cohesive content/brand
    • Platforms:
      1. LinkedIn – personal business profile (public or private) or create a business page. Age demographics: largest age group, majority is 36-45 according to HootSuite. It is very competitive with Facebook in B2B marketing.
    1. Facebook – business page or a group (captivated audience with more engagement). Age demographics: 50+, mostly women according to Omnicore.

    2. Instagram – show-off your imagery of your products or services to get  your audience’s attention. Age demographics: >50% under 30 years old according to HootSuite.

    3. Pinterest – a visual Google, if you will. Create a business page (for the analytics part) and content longevity. Age demographics: 18-29, mostly women according to Omnicore.

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    1. TikTok – short-form, video-sharing social networking service. Age demographics: approximately 50%, under 34 according to Omnicore. However, be aware of safety concerns.
    1. YouTube – create how-to, behind-the-scenes tutorials of your products or services and how they benefit your potential clients; with a bonus of seeing your personality, too. Age demographics: 15-25 in the US presently, men; ages 35-55 fastest growing audience per Omnicore.
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All social media platforms require consistency and engagement to obtain best results. 

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6. Podcasting

    • A great alternative to video!
    • Podcast can increase traffic generation
      • TIP: Be a guest on someone’s podcast and vice-versa for more audience exposure
    • Podcasting creates better business relationships with your audience
    • Creates high engagement

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