Simple design process

Simple Design Process

Simple Design Process

What's my design process?

First, it’s incredibly important to me that my clients and I mesh since we work closely together during the design process. Who wants to work closely with someone they don’t enjoy being around? It can affect the inspiration and connection, which are crucial to creativity.

Therefore, the discovery call is a great way to get a feel for each other. After the call, I follow my gut, and if everything feels right, then I send the design proposal details based on the conversation. When my potential clients agree with the proposal and pricing, then contracts are signed (to protect both parties), and a deposit (amount varies based on the project) is required to begin working. 


A client who is open to my ideas + expertise is ideal!


Client On-boarding

Next, an on-boarding scheduling link and questionnaire to be completed by the client are sent to book a time to chat via Zoom or phone (whatever the client’s preference). The point of this call is to set clear boundaries, expectations of communication, feedback, deadlines, and answer any other questions either party may have. 

Client Questionnaires

Thereafter, a custom branding and/or marketing questionnaire(s) based on the client’s needs are emailed. Each one serves as a way for the client to drill down a few things for themselves so I can create their vision. Common questions that my client’s struggle with in the beginning:
  • Brand message
  • Client’s target market
Honestly, I love this process because it’s a time of true meeting of the minds to see where my client wants to take their business and who they want to attract. The client won’t always come up with an answer immediately and she will need to think about it and that’s ok. After all, your brand is you and that’s not something to hurry, especially if you plan on being around awhile and you want your brand to grow! FYI: Re-branding is expensive!

What's your story?


Zone of Inspiration

Get ready, I’m going to get WooWoo. Ok, you were warned 😉. 

When a client’s personality and brand resonate with me, I get a rush of imagery (or design ideas) in my mind’s eye, seriously. I used to think it was a crazy experience but it has happened so many times when I work with the right client’s that it has to be recognized and I’m so grateful for it. Sometimes, the problem is getting the design on paper the way I see it in my head…an evolving process. If the idea is right there per sé, then I’ll sketch so I don’t lose the concept.

Design Immersion Process

I relate my design process to acting, I know that sounds corny but bear with me for a second. I listen to music that either relates to my client’s brand or inspires me to create. I research, strategize, pin imagery like crazy to get a full grasp of the client’s vision and target market. By this point, I’m in the mindset of my client and their target audience and generally the ideas wash over me. Cue “ACTION,” ;). I love working on designs where I can immerse myself in it and time flies much to the dismay of my husband, T. I’ll say to him, “I’ll be down in a minute,” then three hours later I’m walking out of my studio. He knows me and is usually a good sport about it because when passion meets inspiration, time flies. 

Movie set - take 1 - action

“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.” ~ Brené Brown
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Therefore, this is why I decided to change my statement of “helping health + wellness female business owners” to “heart-centered, inspirational women.” I want to work with all kinds of amazing female business owners who INSPIRE and CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE. This fuels my creativity! Don’t get me wrong, staying open to different projects gets me excited and nervous/scared but I will learn if I hate or love it in the end and whether or not I want to do it again :). I’m either all the way in or out with most topics.

Client Collaboration

Ultimately, it’s up to the client to decide on her final design. I offer a certain amount of revisions depending on the project during the design process at no additional charge. When my client hires me for my design expertise, I offer market research knowledge, collaboration, and honest design experience to aide in my client’s decisions. Here’s what my client’s say…


Client Case Studies

Past Design Case Study Immersion

My college senior design project (portfolio) was a quarter of exploration in various beautiful cultures – Native American, Japanese, and South American/Caribbean dances. I had printed so many research articles and notes (before iPads of course) about each culture. In fact, I attended and photographed dancers at cultural events. I would listen to the music that represented each culture – Native American hoop dancers; and Japanese dance (Nihon buyo) – seen in kabuki plays; salsa and ballroom dancing. I was able to interview some of the dancers and witness their dedication to such an amazing craft.

It was an awesome experience and it made me appreciate so many different cultures and people’s passions – what an inspiration! Taking the photos and retouching them was the hardest part but my Photoshop skills improved. A postcard, poster, brochure and other print collateral were created as well as a lantern using vellum to show more of the dancers.

Motion Postcard & Poster Collateral_MGS

Please share:

I help heart-centered women create strategic brand identities + websites by designing intuitive and functional visual assets as a visual brand design strategist + web designer + digital storyteller.

Please let me know if you have any branding, WordPress website design or marketing questions. I’d love to help! Or if you have designs suggestions of what you want to read in your email, please let me know.
Blessings + Besos

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