Three Simple Questions to Write Compelling Copy for Your Website

Three Simple Questions to Write Compelling Copy for Your Website

Compelling copy always grabs your attention, sparks interest, and drives website visitors to hit the CTA (call-to-action) button. Sounds easy, right?

The thing is, writing this type of copy takes time and skill.

Compelling copy requires that you know your audience more than they know themselves. This helps you create specific and concise copy about the solution you provide to their problem.

It also requires that you use storytelling and words that connect with your audience to make them feel seen, heard, and understood…with only a few words.

If you’re like most of my clients, you might be cringing at the thought of writing copy for your website. I feel you…because writing copy is not my superpower.

1. What is your solution? Or, What is the problem you are solving?

While I can create killer visuals for your website and brand…writing said copy is something I leave to you. Or to the Copy Gods whose words will swoon your visitors into clicking that CTA. Whether you’re camp DIY or Copy God for your website copy…I’ve found that compelling copy requires you to answer three main questions. The first question…

2. What’s your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)?

This helps your ideal client identify why you’re the right coach or consultant for them. It helps your visitors self-identity. And It helps them know why your process is right for them (compared to other coaches and consultants). Your answer could be as short as three sentences.

And you can place it right below the fold…as a sneak-peak to your About Me section. On your About Me page, you can expand on your USP by using a little bit of storytelling to share your why, mission, vision, origin story, and values. Now, for the last two-part question…

3. What are your customers saying about you or your services (testimonials), and how does it support my USP?

Many of us simply slap quotes on our client’s testimonials and post them on our website. But in doing so, we are missing out on connecting with compelling copy that converts.

The best approach is to review your testimonials and highlight the most impactful part of their testimonial…as it relates to your USP/services. Place it in bold letters and at the beginning of their full testimonial. Believe me, your visitors will thank you for taking the time to highlight or summarize the testimonial. Because they will feel 100% understood by you and will feel like they can trust you because you know exactly how to help them.

There you have it...

You need to understand your audience first for compelling website copy that converts. Once you know this, you only need to answer the three questions (above). And you’ll soon have compelling copy that converts your website visitors.

Bonus, when you’ve answered the first two questions, I can create the website and brand design that’ll elevate your coaching or consulting brand. If you’re ready to elevate your brand – feel free to book a discovery call where we can identify which website platform (Squarespace or WordPress) is right for your business goals.

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