What the font? Troublesome font choices to avoid for your design

What the Font? Troublesome font choices to avoid for your design

As a designer, I have some favorite fonts and some fonts that I incredibly dislike. That’s another post for another time.

However in this post, I want to highlight how important font choice is in your brand. Even large corporations with established brand guidelines can make the wrong typeface/font choice that can be amusing to the viewer.

Here are my favorite mistaken typeface/font choices:

1. Original Two-Bite

"key lime _____________"
It does have 0g trans fat. Still, no thank you!
via Reddit

2. Taco eatery

I don't want those kind of tacos. 🤢
via Reddit

3. Newspaper section, “Living”

No comment. 🤭
via Imgur

Contact me so you don’t make the same mistakes!

4. Specialty Retail Store

What kind of specialist? 🤨

5. Hallmark Cards

"For a Special ______"
😳 Did you know Hallmark started a new line of products?

6. “Steamer”

Did you know this was needed?
via Imgur

7. Big Lots

That's how I feel about going through and buying lights too!

8. Chanel

Did you know Coco Chanel advertised for the food industry...
via Imgur

9. Retail Store

It sounds like a bad day! 🫣

10. Barber Shop

What kind of barber shop? No, thank you. 😬

Let me know what you think of these questionable font choices. Which ones are in your top five? Please comment below.

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