Women & ADHD Podcast with Katy Weber: Self-acceptance & Embracing Creative Genius

Interview with Marisa Gonzales and Katy Weber of the "Women & ADHD" podcast

Now available, Episode 113 with Marisa Gonzales.

Marisa is a Mexican-American brand strategist and website designer from Kansas. She reached out to me because she started listening to this podcast after her diagnosis and these interviews and conversations have been life-changing for her, so she wanted to help out and give back by sharing her diagnosis story.
Her journey has been filled with twists and turns that include becoming a graphic designer for Hallmark, a physical therapist assistant (where she loved helping and listening to patients’ stories), and now – the CEO & Founder of Marisa Gonzales Studios, LLC.
We talk about her depression and anxiety prior to her ADHD diagnosis and how her therapist helped her understand that it might be ADHD. We also talk about her multiple career changes over the years, and her journey to self-employment and self-acceptance. And we also talk about creative genius and how her diagnosis has helped her lean into her strengths and learn to love her ADHD brain.

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